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Cheating Cases at All-time Low in Valorant

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
Valorant Anti-cheat fall 2021 update

Following reports in Episode 2, concerns over cheating have seen a drastic reduction as of Fall 2021. Anti-cheat team’s Matt ‘K3o’ Paoletti lays out the full story behind the studio’s successful campaign against cheating in-game. Here is what he has to say.

How did Riot Games fight off the cheaters?

Riot had been a great job combating cheating in Valorant. Much to causing cheaters to find a new way to cause disruption in-game. This includes a method called “bussing” where players are getting boosted by teaming up with a cheater. To counter this, Riot Games’ Anti-Cheat team implemented a 90-day penalty against those who deliberately “bus”.

Following a successful initial major international run at Berlin and Reykjavík, the pro players are the subject of a close watch. A routine review in each and every one of them. All the while ensuring a secure environment for all participating players.

Overall, cheating is reportedly at an all-time low in Valorant, thanks to the team’s active effort against them. The recent rollout of the meta-game updates seemingly also plays a role in it. While the Anti-Cheat team may be winning, there is still some anticipations that cheaters, including cheat makers, are just around the corner. There is assurance, however, in knowing that the team is ahead of the trend and is capable of thwarting the nefarious actors off of their scheme.

Valorant, meanwhile, just entered a new chapter (Act II), introducing certain exciting changes.

Source: https://playvalorant.com/

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