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Best Blue Light Screen Protectors for Your Gaming Gear

Written by: Jasmine Chiam
Best Blue Light Screen Protector for laptop

The topic of blue light and its effects is snowballing in traction among avid gamers and tech enthusiasts. And it isn’t surprising that people are expressing increased concern about this. After all, you are exposed to artificial blue light whenever you utilize devices such as your mobile phone, laptops, computers, or tablets [1].

But what’s the whole ruckus about blue light exposure, anyway? Well, research has shown that blue light emission from your screens and devices can increase your risk of computer vision syndrome, headaches, eye strain, dry eyes, cataracts, and other eye health issues [2].

In addition to that, it can also disrupt the production of melatonin, a hormone that plays a crucial role in regulating your sleeping patterns. Hence, using your devices close to bedtime may lead to dampened sleep quality, insomnia, and fatigue [2].

One solution to limiting your blue light exposure is the use of blue light screen protectors, which help block artificial blue rays from your electronic devices.

We’ll take a look at some of the best blue-light filtering products in the market. And, of course, we’ll explore what science has to say about the efficacy of blue light screen protectors.

How Did We Pick the Best Blue Light Screen Protectors?

Here are some aspects we considered while shortlisting our top candidates. It’s close to impossible to find a product that checks every single box, which is why you may have to weigh out the pros and cons of each while making your selection.

  • Product quality. Whenever possible, try to go for products that have been third-party tested. Some good-quality products are also backed and designed by experts and healthcare professionals in the eyecare niche.
  • Visual appearance. If you’re a professional gamer or esports athlete, you won’t be able to perform well with a dark, grainy screen. Hence, to preserve your monitor’s original display and brightness, try to go for a product with high transparency and anti-scratch features. The product shouldn’t alter the natural color display of your screen, either.
  • Durability. If you’re getting a blue-light screen protector for your mobile device, tablet, or laptop, look out for those with impact and scratch protection. After all, you wouldn’t want to exchange eye protection for a cracked screen.
  • Size: Before purchasing a product, carefully review the product specifications to ensure it’s a good fit for your device.
  • Additional product features: You may keep an eye out for privacy filtering, anti-glare, and smudge-proof features. Easy installation would be handy as well, and you can gauge how simple or tedious the installation process is based on user reviews.

The Best Blue Light Screen Protector: VINTEZ Universal Protector Panel

Best Best Blue Light Screen ProtectorThis blue-light filtering screen protector caters to a wide range of desktop and laptop screen sizes and brands, including ASUS, HP, Dell, Acer, and LG. According to the manufacturer, this product blocks around 43-61% of blue light emitted from your device, which is pretty impressive. For comparison purposes, clear lens blue light glasses block a maximum of 40%. Without a doubt, this product checks many boxes as it is scratch-resistant, durable, and reasonably easy to install. It also preserves your monitor’s visual output and colors. The good news is that the brand also provides a lifetime replacement guarantee. Unfortunately, one downside to the VINTEZ Panel is the lack of an anti-glare coating. The price of this product depends on your monitor size, but a 24″ screen protector costs around $55, while a 27″ one costs about $61.

Blue Light Screen Protector with a Privacy Filter: Ocushield Filter & Protector

Best Blue Light Screen Protector with a Privacy FilterAs the world’s first and only medically-rated blue screen protector, credibility would be this product’s forte. This medical-grade blue light screen filter is designed by optometrists and sleep therapists and is recommended by experts in the field. It can block around 54% of artificial blue light from your electronics. If you’re looking for a product with a privacy filter, this one’s a great candidate! Additionally, it also possesses an anti-glare and anti-bacterial coating, not to mention that it helps preserve the display and colors of your screen. Furthermore, this product comes with two application methods, either removable or semi-permanent. If you need more reassurance, the company also provides a 100-day refund policy in the event you’re not pleased with what you get. Expect to pay around $90 for a 24″ screen protector and about $105 for a 27″ one.

Best Blue Light Screen Protector for Phones: ZAGG VisionGuard

Best Blue Light Screen Protector for PhonesStriking an outstanding balance between eyecare and damage protection, the ZAGG Blue Light Screen Protector helps reduce your risk of experiencing digital eye strain, all while protecting your device from scratches and impact damage. The brand caters to a massive range of mobile devices, including Apple and Android handphones. With a wide selection of products, you can pick and choose the features you’d like to have, including privacy filters, anti-microbial treatment, edge-to-edge protection, enhanced touch sensitivity, and anti-glare coatings. Each product comes with smudge resistance, and you can rest assured that they will not affect the display colors of your screen. Depending on your phone/tablet model and the features of your chosen product, you can expect to pay between $40-60.

How Effective are Blue Light Screen Protectors?

The fact is, many people have reported benefits from the use of blue light screen protectors and glasses. According to reviews, many have experienced reduced headaches, eye strain, eye fatigue, and eye dryness when using blue-light filtering devices.

However, scientific studies show mixed results. One study suggested that blue light exposure from viewing and using electronic devices is too low to be a cause for concern [3]. Of course, prevention is better than cure. And since blue light filtering products are low risk, there’s isn’t much harm in getting one installed on your device.

Nonetheless, the efficacy of blue-light filtering products is highly debatable. In fact, a study has shown that reducing your screen’s brightness and utilizing night-safe mode is more effective than blue-light filtering products at minimizing your exposure to blue light [4].

Best Blue Light Screen Protector for phones and monitors

What are the Additional Ways to Limit Blue Light Exposure?

The following measures may help also limit your blue light exposure:-

  • Reduce your screen time and set time limits for device use.
  • Test out blue light filter apps.
  • Avoid the use of devices close to bedtime.
  • Get a pair of blue-light blocking glasses
  • Ensure adequate breaks between gaming sessions.

There definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for reducing blue light exposure and symptoms of digital eye strain. So finding something that works for you may come with some trial and error!