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About EsportsHeadlines.com

Written by: Arren Meyer

Welcome to EsportsHeadlines.com, your one-stop online magazine for everything connected to competitive gaming, from news and guides up to community related content.

Launched back in the year 2016, we initially focused on titles popular back in that era, including Titanfall, Runescape, Arma, Unreal Tournament, and similar games that opened up the esports landscape. As new releases entered the industry, and old ones hit the Recycle Bin (R.I.P. Unreal Tournament & Titanfall), we remodeled our goals and introduced coverage of CS: GO, Fortnite, LoL, Overwatch, Apex Legends, DotA 2 and others.


  • Glenn Onassis, senior editor and writer who balances his free time between gaming and movies, thanks to Glenn we managed to round up all the launch articles for EsportsHeadlines.com and prepare the TV & Shows category, with his proudest work being the Steam Deck SD Card article he constantly talks about.
  • Jessica Scott, contributing editor and senior writer, mostly known for being a stickler for proper grammar, which is the reason why we put her in charge of our guide on how to capitalize esports.
  • Jackson Haime, senior writer and columnist, mostly known for his creative approach to content. He likes to get his point across, and he already did that with several articles over here, with the most popular being his rant about the youngest esports players, as well as the one about esports in Olympics.
  • April M. Reid, senior writer and columnist who’s spending her days by either playing or covering League of Legends. She’s not a fan of April fool’s jokes, but she does write mean beginners guides, with her most popular being the League of Legends Basics.
  • Matej Majstorovic, senior writer, columnist, and an avid sim racer. When not covering guides for EsportsHeadlines.com, Matej is creating new videos over at his YouTube channel, with almost 30k subscribers watching over his sim racing mishaps!
  • Jasmine Chiam, contributing writer. If EsportsHeadlines.com would be a zombie movie, Jasmine would be that doctor in a white coat with the cure. Mostly known for her overview of  common esports injuries, she knows her stuff and she’s here to help, which is why she was placed in charge of the whole Esports Health category.
  • Jermaine D. Delos Santos, contributing writer. Jermaine helped us setup and launch our esports news section, and his expertise are felt across most of our tags, with his favorite being the Apex Legends News one.
  • Filip Dumancic, senior writer and columnist. Interested in networking equipment and power supplies, specialized in under and overclocking computers (basically, not fun at parties). He mostly spends his time under our troubleshooting category, who would say, right?

Would You Like to Write for us?

We’re constantly on the look-out for new talent, and if you think you would be a great fit, drop us an e-mail.

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