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PUBG: Battlegrounds Announces November Partner Drops

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
November Partner Drops

As a showcase of gratitude towards partners’ continued support, PUBG: Battlegrounds is giving away goodies through partner channels. Stuff that real collectors within the battle royale community would like to claim for themselves for their iconic bearing.

What’s Coming in November via Partner Drops?

Beginning October, PUBG: Battlegrounds pledge to rollout items every month via its select partners (the list of which were also part of the previous Halloween event). This meant setting aside some time viewing partner content every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The stuff in question is simply too emblematic for any PUBG: Battlegrounds players not to pass up.

On week one, could get the ‘Winner Winner Hat’. A headgear that is a clear allusion to the title’s popular ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’ chant per successful play. All it takes is to actually watch at least 30 minutes of the video clip. The drops period varies significantly per time zone (PDT, CET, or KST), but all of them have a starting point on November 5, 2021.

On week two, the partners can also claim the ‘Victory Dance 74’ emote. An emote encompassing a series of goofy gestures and steps. A worthwhile addition to any player’s list of emotes, solely for the explicit humour that comes with the overall action. Like the previous drops, all it takes to get the emote is to simply watch a video clip for at least half an hour. Launch-wise, it comes at a time period that is divided between three unique timezones, all of which will start on November 12, 2021.

Source: https://na.battlegrounds.pubg.com/

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