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PUBG: Battlegrounds Celebrate Halloween 2021 with Themed Events, Items

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
PUBG Halloween 2021

In celebration of 2021’s Halloween, PUBG: Battlegrounds is launching various themed events, costumes, as well as unique items. Everything includes the ‘Halloween version of Erangel,’ Special and Partner Drops events, and some spooky updates on the item shop.

What to See in the Pubg: Battlegrounds Halloween Event?

PUBG: Battlegrounds’ original map, Erangel, will be a center of attention during Halloween. Celebrating the occasion, the map suddenly makes a dark overhaul. Donning itself with iconographies that are exclusively reminiscent of the once-a-year event. It even exhibits a sign that is clearly a greeting to those who are participating in it.

But more than the unique display, Halloween in PUBG: Battlegrounds is extra special, thanks to its Special Drops. Not just one, not two… but three of them in total will be gracing the battle royale game. To come with their own respective monikers and launch dates, the three Special Drops are as follows: Wicked Halloween, Halloween’s Last Stand, and Fresh Hoods x PUBG. It is worth mentioning that the release dates vary depending on the platform, whether PC or console.

While Halloween 2021 will be outstanding for the general PUBG players, it is more so for its partners. Via the Partners Drops event, PUBG: Battlegrounds content creators will likely notice a boost to their viewership. Specifically, as viewers keep a close watch on PUBG’s partners, following the Partners Exclusive Drops program. Although everyone is entitled to the Partners Drops’ prize, it’s critical that participating players have their Krafton ID linked to their gaming platform and to Twitch relative to the region.

Lastly, during the event, players will also get to come across many Halloween-themed costumes at the Item Shop.

Overall, truly an exciting event that comes no sooner after PUBG: Battlegrounds announced the winners of the Blackpink crossover contest.

Source: https://na.battlegrounds.pubg.com/

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