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Here Are the Patch Notes of Hearthstone Update 21.3.

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
21.3 Patch Notes

Hearthstone is about to see some major changes as patch 21.3 looms for tomorrow’s launch. From card-balancing changes, game mode updates, bug fixes, and overall game enhancements, drastic changes will take place and alter the playing field. Just another big news following

What’s Changing in Version 21.3?

When patch 21.3 rolls out tomorrow, players can anticipate certain changes with their cards. One of the most notable of these modifications is the addition and reduction of mana cost for summoning cards in the field. To get an increment of one additional point to their mana requirement is cards like Irebound Brute, Perpetual Flame, Runed Mithril and Rod. To a greater extent, Shudderwork is getting an increase to two mana points to summon from a previous zero point. Conversely, a few cards are also getting a mana point reduction for their summoning: Leatherworking Kit, Wildfire, and Mordresh Fire Eye.

On a case-by-case basis, a plethora of cards is getting substantial transformations with their effect, which includes the following:

  • Mindrender Illucia
  • Tame the Flames
  • The Demon Seed
  • Selective Breeder
  • Stormwind Freebooter
  • Stonemaul Anchorman
  • Bloodsail Deckhand

Furthermore, players could expect potentially groundbreaking changes with the following:

  • Galewing
  • Master Nguyen
  • Impatient Doomsayer
  • Kathra’natir
  • Leapfrogger
  • Monstrous Macaw
  • Reanimating Rattler
  • Whelp Smuggler
  • Impulsive Trickster
  • Master of Realities
  • Peggy Brittlebone
  • Goldgrubber
  • Salty Looter
  • Prophet of the Boar
  • Roadboar
  • Bristleback Brute
  • Dynamic Duo
  • Charlga

Game Mode Updates, Bug Fixes, and Enhancements

Onto game mode update, Battlemodes will see a revert to pre-21.2 version when it comes to turn lengths. Specifically, a reduction of 5 seconds at around 3 to 9 turns. For Duels, Party Replacements, Rally the Troops, and Oops, All Spells! see a shift from Passive Treasure Pool 2 to Pool 2 Ultra Rare. All Together Now, meanwhile, moves from Passive Treasure Pool 1 to Pool 2. Additionally, Voidtouched Attendant is altogether prohibited from the deck creation. Then, there’s Arena mode that will see Ramming Mount becoming undraftable as well as a few significant bug fixes with the card offering rates. Last, but not least, are also a slew of system improvements that address many of the game’s issues known to date, even in the latest versions.

For a comprehensive list of all changes summarised in this article, check out Hearthstone’s official blog.

Source: https://playhearthstone.com/

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