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CS: GO Rolls Out Operation Riptide

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
CS GO Rolls Out Operation Riptide

Operation Riptide features new maps, a revamped mission system, quality-of-life improvements, custom matches, new agents, weapons, and more. Some eelcome features that could keep CS:GO players sticking with the game for longer.

What Are the Changes About?

One thing coming to CS:GO as part of Operation Riptide is the introduction of upgradable mission coins. Through this feature, players will get missions in Casual, Competitive, Danger Zone, and Guardian. Completing the mission will grant the player some stars, which act as a currency in-game.

Stars earned from completing missions have their functionality to them. Acting as a currency, players can use their hard-earned stars for rewards. The prizes to purchase include new Agents, like CT SEAL team “Frogmen,” Guerilla Warfare Terrorists, and French Gendarmerie, Operation Riptide Case item, four new weapons, Operation Patches, and two operation-based stickers.

Another major highlight that comes as part of Operation Riptide is the private queue. Coming in two categories, players can either conduct matches with friends (player’s private queue) or do so with their fellow Steam members (Steam group private queue).

Lastly, mission types are also getting some needed tinkering. This ranges from completing a list of objectives from a checklist, tirelessly advancing through a series of checkpoints until the finish line, and accomplishing a challenging mission.

The alterations introduced in Operation Riptide are enough to make for an interesting experience for gamers. But players ought to remember also another big change from June 2021, involving non-Prime players.

Source: https://blog.counter-strike.net/

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