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Overview: The PGL Stockholm Championship Major

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
PGL Major 2021 Stockholm 2

CS:GO’s next Major, a highly sought-after event, is about to take off. Orchestrated by organisers, participated by teams, and to be joined by fans, this upcoming program may come new to many. Here’s what you need to know about the PGL Stockhold Championship Major.

What’s in the Major Tournament?

Following a nearly two-year delay, CS:GO’s latest championship is set to kickstart in Stockholm, Sweden. It comes with a prize pool of $2 million, which absorbs the funds pooled for the same event intended a year earlier.

As multiple teams battle it out for the championship, fans will have the option to vote for their preferred team via Pick’Em challenge. Note: voting is only valid just before a match starts, so voters must be on their feet during the event lest they miss out on that important step.

As for the competition itself, it starts with sorting via Regional Major Ranking. The top eight qualifiers will advance through the event as Legends. Meanwhile, the next two sets of eight teams will go through the tournament as Challengers and Contenders, respectively.

The Major event starts with both Challengers and Contenders competing with one another, or the ‘Challengers’ stage, via a Swiss format. Meaning, three wins and a team advances while three losses cause the team to be eliminated from the competition.

Likewise, the ‘Legends’ stage kicks off with the Legends battling against the top eight teams from the ‘Challengers’ stage’ in Swiss format.

Lastly, the Playoffs is where the top eight teams duke it out in a single-elimination bracket vying for the grand reward as the event’s champion.

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