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Get a Closer Look Into Smite’s Newest Goddess, Cliodhna

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
Cliodhna Smite Announced

A new goddess is joining Smite’s roster of fighting deities as the Queen of the Banshees, Cliodhna, enters the battleground. A being of contrast who embodies two opposites: ugliness and beauty, as well as death and love.

Who is Cliodhna?

Queen among the wailing creatures of the night, the name Cliodhna strikes fear to those who know her name. In particular, the peasantry who have the awareness as to the power of her spells. According to Irish mythology, Cliodhna hails from Tuatha Dé Danann, which is a race of supernatural beings. And she also happens to be the first of her kind to join Smite and clash against other gods.

Beautiful, yet ugly, and lovely, but deadly, Cliodhna is not afraid of showing her two sides on the battlefield. However, this queen of the fairies is really displaying her true sinister self when she starts to scream.

While she looks the part of a fearsome fighter in the field, Cliodhna is not without the skills for harboring the reputation of bringing death. With a passive skill to pass through material objects or hide in them, this fierce combatant knows when to escape and how to attack with effectivity. Yet, this ability is fiercer still with her four unique skills. Individually, each ability puts an edge on her overall insidious capability. But being a “loudmouth,” is perhaps her bona fide signature skill. One which also affects the players as the skill is used against their deity. By temporarily muting the background audio while the skill is in effect, specifically.

Cliodhna is but just a recent addition to Smite’s list of fighting deities, following another mythological being months prior.

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