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DotA 2 Compendium Launched Ahead of The International

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
DotA 2 Compendium Launched Ahead of The International

Setting as a guideline for The International, Compendium update is released just before the main event officially kicks off. The update sets new ways by which the community will engage with DoTA 2’s momentous event. Audiences, in particular, can join in on the fun by taking sides on which team or player to support, buying caster and talent autographs, voting for the most-deserving short films, etc.

What to see in the Compendium update?

One of the biggest highlights of the Compendium update is the brand-new reward line. Featuring The International 2021 Lineage Treasure, nine pre-existing heroes will get a colour makeover, giving them a unique black and gold hue. Furthermore, players can also claim a memorial emoticon as early as Level 1. But for players who want to get more from the event can choose to increase their level for more goodies. Namely, new custom HUD skin, teleport effects for a favorite team, and additional loading screens.

Coming fresh in 2021, players can, for the first time ever, support their favourite talent and casters through Talent Autographs. For as little as $0.99, players can opt to buy a bundle of signatures and pictures, which they can attach to any item. Additionally, each Talent Autograph is upgradeable to up to level 5 at the same price as the base per level.

Specially made for The International, the website is also getting a new webpage for the grand event. Viewers can participate in the event as it happens by going to https://www.dota2.com/esports/ti10.

Then, there’s the Short Film competition. Through this program, filmmakers within the community get to showcase their love and talent for movie-making, involving DoTA 2.

Source: https://www.dota2.com/

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