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Parasite Retires From Competitive Play, Blames the State Of CoD

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
Parasite Retires From Competitive Play

The last member of the first-ever Call of Duty World Championship winning team ‘Parasite’ officially retires from competitive play. The professional player announced his retirement to the public via a tweet, alongside the reason behind the decision.

Why Is Parasite Leaving the Competitive Scene?

It was only nine years ago when the Call of Duty franchise chose to join the competitive community by running its own major tournament. Set in Black Ops 2, it heralded Fariko Impact as its first champion. The team of which is consistent of Adam ‘KiLLA’ Sloss, Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow, Marcus ‘MiRx’ Carter, and Chris ‘Parasite’ Duarte. With the latter officially calling it quits, the entire roster is out of the scene.

In a tweet, Parasite, otherwise known as ‘Haggy,’ laid out his reason for leaving. That is, by having lost all his passion to compete. Hardly coming as a surprise considering his longstanding presence in many COD, including his most recent bout in 2021 Black Ops Cold War. At the time, under the London Royal Ravens. But aside from losing all interest in the franchise he loved is also a gripe at how the series has moved backwards instead of forward. Possibly, suggesting how the franchise has shifted from one gameplay design to another with the more recent entries, but not for the better. Yet another more pressing issue for his leaving comes in the feeling of being stuck in a career path, regardless of his performance.

But while that is a sad story, diehard Call of Duty fans might find delight in knowing that a different professional player is going shoulder-deep into the franchise. Not only as a competitive player but also as a content creator for the OpTic team.

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