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Hearthstone: United In Stormwind Released

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
United In Stormwind Released

Hearthstone is releasing United In Stormwind, expanding the game’s list of cards while also introducing cool new features into it. Highlights include tradeable cards, questlines, mounts, as well as Profession tools. Additionally, there is also the Phase 2 roadmap map that will bring further content in Hearthstone at a later date.

What Does the New Expansion Include?

First on the list that’s coming to Hearthstone are tradeable cards. At the expense of just 1 mana, players can choose to trade one of their existing cards for something new. But only cards with the ‘Tradeable’ keyword can be exchanged.

Players seeking to get uncollectible elite cards will also find excitement with the Questlines. Through a progression system, each class will have their own respective Questline which players can fulfil by meeting certain conditions. For up to three tiers, players will gain a reward on each.

Aiding to the player’s victory, there are also mounts that essentially act as buffs to minions. Mounts, once cast, remain in the field even when the minion is no longer in battle, leaving behind the benefits of the enhancement. On the other hand, there are also Profession tools that infuse special effects, instead of a status augmentation.

The year of the Gryphon is already taking place prior to the expansion and United in Stormwind is set to kick things off to Phase 2. As something to look forward to, the second phase will include updates involving the Battlegrounds, Tavern Brawls, Duels, and Solo Experiences. Exciting times are ahead as the United in Stormwide expansion officially rolls out worldwide on August 3, 2021.

Update: Phase 3 has been released through Alterac Valley

Source: https://playhearthstone.com/

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