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Apex Legends to Kickstart Limited-period Thrillseekers Event

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
ThrillSeekers Event Apex Announced

Apex Legends to introduce a new Arenas map, weekly rewards, and cosmetics in the up-and-coming Thrillseekers event. The Apex Legends Thrillseekers event begins July 13, 2021, and will last until August 3, 2021.

What Are the Highlights?

Set amidst a place running with lava, the Overflow presents a challenging environment for all players. While players can shoot to their victory anywhere on the map, Overlook or Slope offers better leverage in short- or medium-range combat.

For three weeks, players will face some back-to-back rewards tracks. Each day, players can claim up to 1000 points and whose challenges refresh daily.

  • 1st Week: A “chance to unlock the Rampart Wastelander Set”: gun charm, weapon skin, and Legendary Rampart costume.
  • 2nd Week: “Battle Pass boosters, crafting metals, and Apex packs”.
  • 3rd Week: “Lethal Enforcer Bangalore Skin, along with other goodies”.

Completing challenges gives players a chance to earn up to four unique badges. But there are also additional three badges, which can be earned weekly during the event:

  • 1st Week Badge: Play a total of 20 Arena games.
  • 2nd Week Badge: Make a total of 100 Knockdowns in Arenas.
  • 3rd Week Badge: Deal a total damage output of 1200 to opponents in Arenas.

Summer Splash Sale

Running for a “couple of weeks,” the Summer Splash Sale brings back some fan-fave costumes. Among others, they include Voidwalker and Youngblood, as well as some Apex packs. The sale is valid until July 27, 2021.

Update* Seems like the game will also be running on PS5 and Xbox Series XlS soon.

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