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Fake Fortnite Money Now Comes With Real Disney+ Subscriptions

Written by: Glenn R. Onassis
Fortnite Disney Collab vbucks

V-Bucks aren’t real money by any definition but buying fake Fortnite cash now comes with an added bonus in the form of real Disney+ subscriptions. Two months’ worth of Disney+ subscriptions, to be exact. Completely free of charge.

Except, you know, for the V Bucks charge on your credit or debit card

Still, the newly introduced offer is pretty sound, seeing how it allows you qualify for the equivalent of $14 in access to Disney’s on-demand video streaming platform.

The newly introduced promotion is exclusively available in the U.S. Which isn’t a surprise unless you’re Canadian, given the limited geographical availability of Disney+. Starting from November 10th all the way to December 31st, any Fortnite purchase made with the almighty dollar makes you eligible for a two-month subscription to Disney+.

Though even those who made any purchase from November 6th are still eligible, Epic clarified. Namely, those four days prior to the official start of the promotion are covered in the sense that you can redeem your subscription manually from Disney. Also, you need to be 18+ to participate, but you also need to be honest with for-profit companies on the Internet for that to apply to you in the first place.

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