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Valve Opens the Secret DotA 2 Shop for Some Limited Swag

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
Valve Opens DotA 2 Secret Shop for Some Limited Swag

In celebration of the upcoming The International event, Valve is opening the Secret Shop for some exclusive real-life goodies. The items in question range from a short-sleeve t-shirt, a jacket, a hoodie, and a tracksuit bottom. All items, brought by Valve’s merchandise partner We Are Nations, share the overarching theme of TI10. One so ostensive, given by the colours black and gold.

What else is there to see?

Adding to the tournament’s official store’s list of commodities are also the DoTA 2 Fan Art Collection. Consisting of a wide assortment of items, the collection is particularly special as it showcases some community-made artwork. Notably, from the likes of Wei, Edich, Famous8, and Chroneco. Take, for instance, the ‘Arcana’ clothing wear line-up which has a DoTA 2 heroine etched on the products. Or the coffee mug with a different cutesy heroine as otherwise a print.

Each event-exclusive item is purchasable in Euro and is open for purchase to anyone wherever they may be in the world. But for anyone keen on making a purchase and whose currency is anything but Euro, the changing exchange rates should be a consideration. This is also not to mention the fee that comes with making a cross-border purchase. But unlike the recently canceled ‘TI10 ticket sales,’ any item purchased in the TI10 official store is guaranteed.

Source: https://www.dota2.com/

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