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Valve Making Adjustment to DoTA 2’s Streaming Rules

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
DotA 2 streaming rules change

Valve is making a significant adjustment to its streaming guideline for establishing better community relationships and engagement. The change, in particular, will involve the removal of a typical third-party restriction that sets a delay in the broadcasting between the live source and content creators.

What’s the full story?

Content creators with a passion for DoTA2 are often hands-on in the happenings on the scene. And with The International officially kicking in, third-party studios and casters play a substantial part in disseminating the event to the public. Previously, a big event such as The International got special treatment by making the live event ahead of everyone that’s not first-party. Essentially, placing third parties a setback of 15 minutes’ delay from the source.

This year, Valve is making a big decision to offset the knockback by removing the said limitation. Thereby, giving even third-party members actual access to the source and broadcasting the event as it actually happens. The decision is not necessarily permanent, however. Rather, it is more of an experiment that will see later evaluation after The International is officially through.

With the constraint deferred, it puts third-party entities at the same pedestal as their first-party counterparts. Thus, giving audiences of specific following live access to the event. One that seems to benefit everyone involved, like potentially boosting DoTA2 merch sales.

Source: https://www.dota2.com/

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