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Apex Legends Introduces New Island Map, Storm Point

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
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Apex Legends is getting its fourth map as developer Respawn rolls out the charted island, Storm Point. The map is said to be the game’s largest to date, toppling World’s Edge for previously holding the record, and will feature Dr. Ashleigh Reid as the “host” of the island. More accurately, it is 15 percent larger in comparison. However, apart from its size, Storm Point is also noteworthy for its diverse make-up, and thus the dynamic experience it offers.

What’s There to See in Storm Point?

With a landscape so varied, Storm Point’s unique selling point is an ever-changing encounter that sees players moving across its various parts. Here are the highlights of the overall experience, as per Apex Legends’ official blog.

Dropping off into Storm Point, one of the first things that players will notice are certain propelling fixtures called Gravity Cannons that are strategically placed across the map. Players are more than likely to choose to glide between two points with this machine when trying to cover long distances as fast as possible.

Another notable sight to behold on the new map is the island’s native inhabitants. There are three in total, which consist of the Prowlers, Spiders, and Flyers. Teams can take advantage of these critters’ dens, except for Flyers, strewn across the map for some essential loots.

But what is a map as geographically diverse as the Storm Point if not for its various sights?

First off, the landing points, of which there are a significant few.

  • The Antenna: Drop-off point perched atop a massive communications dish.
  • Lightning Rod: Located atop the mountain’s summit and thereby the landmass’ highest landing position.
  • Gale Station: A landing point not too far from the Fish Farms.

Other Points of Interest

Reaching the island, players will inevitably come across points of interest that can either be an overwhelming spectacle or a strategic location.

  • Barometer: A spinning platform situated at the heart of Storm Point.
  • Shipfall: Remnant of a “doomed vessel,” the Shipfall also acts as a stronghold.
  • Checkpoint: Special area within the island with a dense forest in it.
  • Storm Catcher: An interior location where close-quarter combat is commonplace.
  • The Wall: The “great divider” between the northern beach and the mountains.
  • Highpoint: The only place for the remaining redeploy balloon and serves as a major strategic location.
  • Thunder Watch: Another significant close-quarter combat location. It houses a Gravity Cannon for an easy escape.
  • Cascade Falls: The most traveled area in Storm Point due to its closest proximity to the map’s center. It got its name from the literal falls that are its own landmark.
  • Launch Site: Consists of the control building and a few launching pads.

Loot Areas

In other cases, players will want to visit areas within Storm Point, not to camp out and obliterate unwitting opponents. Rather, for each location’s valuable loots. As such, consider checking out the following areas:

  • Command Center: A massive complex full of loots and acts as an easy passageway to the mountaintop.
  • North Pad: Launch site and home to a network of safeguarded trenches, separated by loot-containing bunkers and watchpoints.
  • The Mill: Sits at the western-most part of the map. It contains “high-value loot” and serves as an entry to the central river.
  • Cenote Cave: The “most isolated location” of Storm Point, which is also a bastion for “valuable loot and power positions”.
  • Fish Farms: A “chain of islands” situated within an open sea. Each landmass houses a lootable building.

So, there goes a long list of highlights that coincides with the Storm Point map.

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