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Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Adobe Acrobat 2022

Written by: Glenn R. Onassis
Everything You Need to Know About the Latest Adobe Acrobat 2022

Thanks to the new Adobe Acrobat browser extension, editing PDF files will now be a much simpler task. It can be tedious to have to download software to make simple edits or to sign occasional documents. Adobe has announced Acrobat 2022 for Chrome and Microsoft Edge on October 12. However, the extension has already been launched in August, going unnoticed by many users.

Now, people who want to manipulate PDFs quickly don’t need to get a premium subscription to Acrobat or download software that hinders their workflow. The free version of the new Adobe Acrobat browser extension allows its users to add comments to PDF files, download them, print them, and sign them. All of this can be done via a phone, tablet, or computer with an Internet connection.

That said, those who want to do more in-depth editing, including all kinds of text, image, and block manipulation, should purchase the paid version. This version will also allow converting several PDF files to a single one, exporting different PDF pages as separate files, preserving the formatting and layout. All these features only came with the new update: the previous version only served to print pages as PDFs, which can be done using the tools of any browser.

The subscription costs only $99.99 per year: a price that seems to be fair for those who use the extension regularly. In addition, Adobe Acrobat for Chrome allows more than one user to work simultaneously on the same PDF, a time-saving feature for those working in a group.

Adobe Will Now Also Encompass E-Commerce Payments

Adobe Commerce has reported that it is getting ready to launch its new payment service for e-commerce. This new solution will serve to help merchants integrate payment gateways without relying on third-party checkout providers. In addition, the service will amplify Adobe’s competition with Shopify, one of its big rivals in the industry.

PayPal’s commerce platform will support the Adobe Commerce payment service. Therefore, it will be possible to accept payment methods such as cards, PayPal or Venmo. Cryptocurrencies will also be welcome, as their ally enables their use.

Payment services will be a fully integrated experience for merchants where all payment and transaction data will be easily accessible within Adobe Commerce Admin. Merchants will no longer have to deal with multiple logins for their payment processing, such as exporting and importing reports from various systems to reconcile, analyze and verify sales information.

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