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Metabones Delivers Much-Awaited Canon EF Adapter For Fujifilm GFX

Written by: Glenn R. Onassis
Metabones Fujifilm GFX

Camera accessory manufacturer Metabones today introduced the EF-GFX Smart Adapter, the latest in its long-running series of camera lens adapters designed to pair otherwise unpairable imaging bodies with cutting-edge glass.

In this instance and much like the name implies already, we are looking at a compact and convenient solution for bringing the full power of your Canon EF lens collection to the Fujifilm GFX, possibly the most critically acclaimed mirrorless camera that money can currently buy, assuming you have a lot of it as the body alone costs ten grand plus sales tax in the U.S. And Metabones is hoping that purchase didn’t leave you broke because the EF-GFX Smart Adapter is going on sale in just a few days with a planned retail price of $429.

If you’re particularly sensitive to any potential vignetting and otherwise messed up corner sharpness, there’s also the EF-GFX Smart Expander which is actually already available to buy for $729. Like that name reveals, this thing will change the actual focal length of your Fujifilm powerhouse, together with its aperture value, hence delivering performance promising to be on par with native EF S lens experiences.

As usual, both accessories should get better over time as Metabones fine-tunes their performance via software updates.

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