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Y6S4 Coincides R6Fix 2.0 in Rainbow Six Siege

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
Y6S4 Coincides R6Fix 2.0 in Rainbow Six Siege

Releasing alongside Y6S4, Rainbow Six Siege is rolling out R6Fix 2.0 for an overall improved gaming experience. It serves as an essential feature that is key in the developer’s effort in distributing fixes to known issues.

What has changed in R6Fix 2.0?

Covering the full gamut of everything involved in the development of Rainbow Siz Siege, R6Fix 2.0 addresses the issue on multiple sides. One is communication where, for the first time, the RSS team will have direct contact with players within the platform itself. Two is a tweak to the game’s user interface, adding some crucial polish. Three is a promotion of critical issues, which raises the importance of certain problems that need fixing in-game. Four, and lastly, is a search function that lets users find issues with the game through simple queries.

While the RSS team appears more hands-on now in addressing the game’s problems, it’s not alone in the process. It particularly highlights the players’ role in providing feedback, based on their own experiences. But although many are willing to take part and enhance RSS’ total experience, others are looking to get incentives for it. Ubisoft, on its part, is seeking to find a proper in-game incentive soon.

Speaking of enhancements to Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft also made a recent overhaul to its player-protection capability. One that concerns safeguarding the general players, especially livestreamers, from getting sniped by nefarious individuals.

Source: https://www.ubisoft.com/

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