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Respawn Announces Apex Legends Ranked Arenas

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
Respawn Announces Apex Ranked Arenas

Following the update to World’s Edge, Respawn also announced plans for the next expansion of the Apex Legends Arenas mode: Ranked Arenas. Not to be confused with Ranked BR, Ranked Arenas features some unique elements that make it entirely distinct and special.

What Can We Expect From the Ranked Arenas Expansion?

Ones to come on top of this distinction are the matchmaking rating and rank. MMR refers to an invisible number (including to the player) that determines the level of competitiveness of each and individual player. Rank, on the other hand, speaks to the player’s visible rating (for example, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Predator).

Players going through the Ranked Arenas the first time will be initiated in a system called Placements. This points to the first 10 matches that set a benchmark to the player’s starting MMR and rank.  To accurately measure the latter, Apex Legends is also rolling out the Ranked Climb. This subsystem dictates the player’s rank according to accumulated AP after every season.

Temporarily, there will be no Ranked Arenas split but will be implemented in upcoming seasons. Resets will take place before next season arrives.

Sanction and Restriction

Players that leave a Ranked Arenas match are subject to an MMR ban. Until lifted, this penalty renders the player unable to queue for Ranked Arenas. Players who are left behind by teammates, on the other hand, endure loss forgiveness. Meaning, neither losing nor gaining AP for the abandoned match.

A “same party rank restriction” will apply in Ranked Arenas, which limits high-ranking players from joining matches of significantly inferior ranks. For instance, a Platinum echelon player cannot join a Silver-rank match.

Map Rotation and Badges

Overflow, Phase Runner, and Party Crasher will rotate alongside one BR location every two weeks. Furthermore, King’s Canyon-Hillside, World’s Edge-Dome, and Olympus-Osasis will replace maps from the Apex Legends: Legacy.

From August 3 to September 21, 2021, a split will take place in World’s Edge. Another takes place at the King’s Canyon and will last throughout the remainder of the season. Lastly, various badges can also be earned, according to rank.

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