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Lenovo Launches Tab P11 With Its Polar Opposite In Tab M10 HD

Written by: Glenn R. Onassis
Lenovo Launches Tab P11

Lenovo today announced two new tablets in the form of the Lenovo Tab P11 and – get ready, here comes your daily dose of silly-long tech monikers – the Lenovo Smart Tab M10 HD (2nd Gen) with Alexa Built-in. Both of these new tablets offer a classic metal unibody design that looks nice and performs predictably.

But naturally, the Lenovo Tab P11 Pro is the company’s flagship performer here, as that name indicates, on its own. It boasts a quad-speaker surround setup by JBL with Dolby Atmos support, which is quite a serious commitment to audio for such a teeny tiny gadget. A dual-camera setup is part of the package, with another such system, albeit with fewer megapixels, 8 instead of 13, sitting on the opposite side.

The Lenovo Tab M10 HD Gen 2 is a completely different proposition, one exclusively concerned with maximizing the bang you’ll hear after parting with your hard-earned bucks. Its $199 price tag is alone enough of a testament to that being the case, compared to the $849 introductory pricing of the Lenovo Tab P11.

Both devices are planned to hit the United States by the end of the year. Their exact release dates are up in the air, however.