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FIFA’s New Structure Includes a Dedicated Esports Programme

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
Fifa Launches New Esports Programme

Setting as a groundbreaking change for the institution, FIFA announced its recent commercial partnership structure change. The new implementation will affect the global football governing unit’s partnership verticals. Namely, Men’s Football, Women’s Football, and FIFA esports.

How Will the New Partnership Model Help the Industry?

One of the major highlights of the alteration is a dedicated programme for esports. Through this, all ‘FIFAe’ partners will have a premium position across FIFA esports competitions. Additionally, the updated model will give commercial partners extensive commercial rights across every national team tournament.

Speaking as FIFA’s CCO, Kay Madati said:

‘As we continually work to make football truly global, accessible and inclusive, we recognised the need for a nimble and customisable commercial structure that enables brands big and small, global and local, to connect with all aspects of the beautiful game. ‘

As per press release, the purpose of the new partnership model is to give partners more choices and tractability to network with the global sport. Additionally, it is also in order to elevate the institution and support its tournaments.

However, as for FIFA itself, the reason for the change comes in light of the aspiration to expand its gaming and esports footprint.

‘FIFAe’ may come off as a relatively new term. But it comes with an explanation of being a freshly coined terminology. It meant to encompass FIFA’s future initiatives surrounding gaming and esports. Speaking of something fresh, Guild Esports and PlayStation just held their own tournament yesterday, which invited all PS4 players from across Europe.

Source: https://www.fifa.gg/

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