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ASUS Chromebox 4 Launches As The New Mac Mini Competitor

Written by: Glenn R. Onassis
Chromebox 4 Asus

Taiwanese PC tech manufacturer ASUS today unveiled the Chromebox 4, its latest miniature computer and the much-awaited Chrome OS-powered alternative to the Mac Mini.

Despite having a fairly low price tag starting at $290, the Chromebox 4 uses 10th-gen Intel Core CPUs, a minimum of 4GB of RAM (which is a substantial volume for any Chrome OS machine, especially one released in 2020), a plethora of USB 3.2 Type A (up to 2nd generation) ports and countless other optional connectors, based on your desires and requirements; Wi-Fi 6 support, a Kensington lock, and interoperability with pretty much any Android smartphone, tablet, or even TV via a first-party companion app.

Quite a connectivity fast at a reasonable price, but then again, thats kind of the point of this compact offering. Better yet, the Chromebox 4 is already being mass-produced and will begin shipping to customers who pre-order it in early December. Around that same time is when you’ll start seeing first Chromebox 4 units at a variety of retailers across North America, according to an ASUS official.

Given its price tag, this truly seems like an intriguing holiday gift for tinkerers and those hoping to become ones, especially given how the newly launched Apple Mini starts at more than double its introductory price.

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