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Witness Report Of Android Update Proves Razer Phone 2 Still Lives

Written by: Glenn R. Onassis
Razer Phone 2 still lives

It’s been two years since the Razer Phone 2 arrived to the market, promising to usher in a new era of mobile gaming excellence. The said golden age hasn’t arrived just yet, as the Play Store is still oozing in absolute trash and no amount of portable LED-lid logos embedded into some (literally) edgy-looking device is going to change that.

Sucks to be a Razer Phone 2 owner in 2020, then right?

Even if you haven’t bought the thing because you bought into the ridiculous hype? Well, yes, but slightly less so on this very day, as it would appear someone at Razer remembered this thing exists while trying to come up with an excuse to miss some slog of a meeting or something. There’s probably no shortage of those at the company’s HQ right now, given all its talk about going into the financial sector.

But anyway, someone invested their time and hard-earned coding skills into optimizing Google’s November 2020 Android security update for the Nova Launcher-based reskin of the very same operating system that’s running on the Razer Phone 2. Of course, the possibility of this thing ever receiving an Android 11 upgrade are about the same as Razer’s chances of joining the banking giants outside of maybe Singapore, the home to its second HQ.