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Malmö FF Launches Sweden’s First FIFA Academy

Written by: Jermaine D. Santos
Malmo FF Launches Esports Academy

In partnership with the Malmö Fria Läroverk gymnasium, Swedish football club Malmö FF has established Sweden’s first-ever FIFA academy, eAkademin. Students who will enrol in the programme will juggle traditional academics and teachings and training related to the football-based esport.

What else is there about the programme?

Speaking about the programme, Malmö FF CEO Niclas Carlnén made his statement:

‘The basic idea is that, through the sports, academy students will get the tools needed to succeed as a person. Through the programme, students can get a good basis for a civilian career while enabling a more professional investment in esports where they are trained by some of Sweden’s best esports and instructors.’

As esports can be a demanding undertaking, the programme encompasses a comprehensive approach that considers the participant’s optimal health condition. In particular, their physical and mental health, sleep, nutrition, as well as ergonomics. Each participant will attend the programme twice a week. Furthermore, they will all get their own health coach who will ensure that they’re in tip-top shape. Importantly, the health coach will also educate the students about the importance of a healthy lifestyle throughout their endeavour. All these were core to Malmö FF’s focus.

As per Esport Insider, eAkademin is ‘set to become the first FIFA academy on a high school level in Europe, directly connecting students with esports’. Additionally, it promotes the city of Malmö as the perfect hotspot for the curriculum for its orientation in various esports events.

Source: https://www.mff.se/en/

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