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HTC Vive XR Apps Now Rolling Out

Written by: Glenn R. Onassis
HTC Vive XR Apps Business

HTC is now rolling out its Vive XR portfolio of apps designed for virtual reality workspaces throughout the United States, the company confirmed in a statement issued this morning. The deployment is expected to take no more than 24 hours or so, but most American tech enthusiasts with access to compatible VR gear should already able to download the new apps manually if they are eager to do so.

There is a free service tier, which is far from surprising. What’s even less unexpected is the fact that HTC is eager to take your money. Though to be fair, this platform does appear to be offering quite decent value. The overall package includes VR teleconferencing app Vive Sessions, virtual lecture software Vive Campus, equally unreal exhibition space in the form of the Vive Museum, a more straightforward collaboration tool in the form of the Vive Sync, and the thing we have all been waiting for – a Facebook (Spaces) clone called Vive Social.

Other than that last app, though, the portfolio is pretty bulletproof and covers the vast majority of use cases likely to be needed across many of today’s home offices. The Vive XR Suite was announced way back in June and therefore really took its time reaching global availability, presumably as a result of the hectic circumstances brought upon us by 2020.