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Verizon Hypes Up 5G With Free AR Duet By Black Pumas

Written by: Glenn

Verizon today released a highly immersive augmented reality experience centered on a short but sweet musical duet performed by American psychedelic soul artists Eric Burton and Adrian Quesada, better known by their stage band name Black Pumas.

This development comes just ahead of the first anniversary of Verizon and Snapchat maker Snap’s Landmaker Lens AR system. As it turns out, the Black Pumas performance in question has been created using precisely this mobile AR solution that continues to generate momentum across the United States, Verizon said.

Recording and reproducing the performance in an augmented reality environment required some clever use of modern camera tech, artificial intelligence, and even cinematic reality services usually employed by Hollywood, the partners revealed. Also central to the project was Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network powered by countless small cell stations across the country.

The performance itself features Black Pumas doing 3D Bitoji dance to their Grammy-nominated song colors. If you aren’t sure what that means, you owe it to yourself to experience the thing firsthand. Naturally, the whole point of this undertaking is to advertise the potential of 5G tech as well as other solutions from Verizon and Snap, the latter of which has been presenting itself as a camera company since going public several years ago.

Source: https://4to5jack.com/