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Steam Deck Repair Centers Are Now Online!

Written by: Goran Damjanovic
Valve Steam Deck Repair Centers Live

If you still have doubts about Valve supporting Steam Deck in the coming years, the latest update should relieve most of them. Earlier today Valve has announced that it has opened the doors of its Steam Deck Repair centers. All Steam Deck owners having an issue with their device can now send it to one of Steam Deck repair centers, which will take care of the problem.

Seems Like Valve Is in the Steam Deck Business for the Long Run

This update is important because it means Valve is taking its newest hardware product seriously. You don’t invest money in repair centers unless you plan to stay in business for the long haul. It also means there’s a good chance we’ll see Steam Deck 2 sometime in the future. Imagine that beast, powered by Zen 4 & RDNA 3 combo, whew!

According to Valve, “repairs for issues covered by warranty are free of charge,” and if the issue isn’t covered by warranty, Valve’s team will contact you and offer to repair your device, for a fee. You’re not obliged to agree to the offer since “out-of-warranty repair service is completely optional, and you can ask for your device back if you prefer.”

Aside from repairing the issue for free, the team at every repair center will also ship your Steam Deck back to you free of charge since that’s also covered by warranty. Of course, not every malfunction is covered by the Steam Deck warranty. If “your dog gnaws on your thumbstick and breaks it,” you’ll have to pay for the repair and shipping if you decide to send your device to a repair center.

If any Steam Deck owners wonder whether they’ll be able to send their devices for repair after the warranty period ends the answer’s yes, but you’ll have to pay the repair fee. Anyone who prefers the DIY philosophy can find repair guides, kits, and replacement parts at iFixit, which partnered up with Valve a while ago.

Source: https://store.steampowered.com

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