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PlayStation Portable Error Code Troubleshooting Guide

Written by: Glenn R. Onassis
PSP Error Codes

Intro to the topic, explain that error codes are good, link to PS3 error codes meaningfully

This can be a shorter piece since it’s outdated, but try to keep a similar, just shorter standard.

1. DADADADA – the easiest way to solve this error is to use a pandora battery up to upgrade.
2. 80020148 – this error usually occurs if you are using a fake mem. card.to solve it buy a new original mem. card.to check if its a original mem. card,start on the psp and go to the game where you can see memory stick.press triangle on it and then click the information.at the bottom,if the info is unknown then you mem. card is fake.
3. 80020321 – to fix this error turn of your psp and hold R while turning it on.now you are in config. mode.choose configuration then the 5th option and press X once.this will switch to no umd.exit and restart your psp.this should do it.
4. CA000005 – to fix this error place the .bin file in the same folder as your eboot.pbp for the game.this will do it
5. 80410410 – to fix this error unplug your modem/router[wait for 1 min] and plug it[again wait 1 min].this should do it
6. 80410D07 – Change psp settings to manual and enter in all of the IP, DNS, subnet mask, and default router info.
7. 80410D09 – to fix this error switch it to WEP and reconnect.
8. 80110305 – this occurs when mem. card could not be accessed.format your mem.card.
9. 80100D00 – occured once with me.format the mem. card.(worked for me)
10. 80020328 – Drivers have been deleted.install the drivers again.
11. 8002032d – the file name is long.rename your file.
12. 80020327 – the iso file cannot be mounted.check your software or your iso file.
13. 8002032b – this mean your device is registered.Leave it.
14. 80000001 – for this go to recovery>config>game folder>switch to kernal.
15. 8001006F – Turn on your PS3 and let your PSP scan for connections then set up the network then try again.
16. 80110404 – just restore to default setting.
17. 00000001 – upgrade to a later version.
18. 80410A0B -take out the umd which is in the psp, and also take out the mem. card.setting> then system settings >click restore settings, [the psp can freeze, but not broken] take out the batter pack and put it back in.This should do it.
19. 80410702 -[this usually occurs in mac]try changing your mac address.
20. 80410A05 -disconnect from server and try reconnecting.
21. 80431075 -your remote play password is wrong.check it again.
22. 8041040B -wep connection error.try reconnecting.
23. 80431063 – Restart your router and modem then try again.
24. 8010A007 – error in downloading.Try reconnecting.
25. 80110482 -Set your wireless to router to mixed mode
26. 80431072 – download does not exists.Try another download.
27. 80410416 -check your wlan switch on your PSP and you are close to your wireless router/modem.
28. 8041040F -your dns address is wrong.check it by going to start>run>ipconfig/all.
29. 80410418 – go to system settings and reset your psp.
30. 80100D00 – format your mem. stick.
31. 80410D09 – disable your firewall.
32. 80410001 – network error.Try reconnecting or after some time.
33. 80410D07 – restore your settings to manual.after that check and enter IP address, DNS, subnet mask and router information.
34. 80410410 – in the network settings >change the primary dns to the secondary dns and just use the secondary dns for both primary and secondary.
35. UKN9000001 – restore your setting to normal and enter Ip address,DNS,subnet mask and router.
36. 80000004 – you need it to run under some other UMD ISO MODE [sony np9660] to play muiltdisk game
37. 80020001 – use any custom freeware,pandora battery or magic mem. stick to solve this error.
38. 8008271D -go to the recovery mode >advanced> format flash1 and then it should fix it.
39. 80110305 -restore your default settings(do not format)
40. 80110307 -it usually occurs when you load usa save games in jpn(much like that).
41. 80020130 -memory card not responding.(check the 2nd one)
42. 80220180 – format failed.try again.
43. 80010087 -change your umd settings in recovery mode(same as 3rd)
44. 80010013 -Recovery menu>Advanced>Advanced configuration>GAME plugins>change this to disabled.
45. 800200D9 -check that your game folder is in 5.xx kernal
46. 800200D1 -try restoring default settings.
47. 8002014C -put your games in proper folder(for firmware 3.10 put the games in GAME150 folder).
48. 80010002 -Go to Recovery Menu>Configuration>Use NO UMD,Go back to main menu>Advanced>Advanced Configuration>Disable all.
49. 840140D01 -Try plugging in the USB wifi in other usb ports.
50. 8008273A -try restoring default settings.