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Xbox Series X and S Now Available To Buy, Assuming We’re In January

Written by: Glenn R. Onassis
Xbox Series X and S available to buy

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have officially hit the market as of today, but good luck buying either one of Microsoft’s next-gen gaming consoles until everything from Hanuka to Christmas are way behind us.

Shortages aren’t just expected but unavoidable, as per Microsoft itself. That would have been the case even during a regular year, let alone one that crippled global supply chains to such a severe degree. In effect, it is extremely unlikely you will be getting either console on Christmas unless you have managed to pre-order them way in advance.

Even so, recent reports indicate that scalper groups on Facebook have larger stock than pretty much every retailer in the country combined right now. And scalpers are a bubble of their own, mind you.Though this time around, not even they, alone, can be blamed for the shortages, though they are certainly making the already bad situation noticeably worse.

Microsoft may have even rushed the new Xbox consoles as consumer spending on video games skyrocketed over the course of this year for obvious reasons. In terms of theoretical pricing, the Xbox Series X is priced at $499.99, whereas the Xbox Series S will retail at $299.99. You can compare both consoles on the official Xbox site as well.