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How to Keep Your Hands Warm While Gaming?

Written by: Jasmine Chiam

If competitive gaming isn’t already challenging on its own, add cold hands into the mix, and you’ll be in for terrible gameplay performance and a truckload of frustration.

Gaming requires utmost precision, especially when missing the mark by a hairline could cost you a match. Hence, it’s no wonder that having cold hands would be a pain. If you’ve tried gaming with frozen hands, you may have experienced limited movement, reduced precision, slower reaction speeds, and lagged responses, all of which can disrupt your gameplay and flow.

As much as a ‘first-world’ problem this is, we’d definitely agree that gaming in the winter isn’t the most pleasant experience. If we’d be honest, huddling up under knitted blankets with a cup of hot chocolate and a movie playing sounds much more enticing. But hey, when gaming’s our full-time career, dream pursuit, or favorite pastime, we’d stick it out through thick and thin. The truth is, though, you don’t actually have to.

We’ve put together an article of simple solutions to help keep your hands warm while gaming. Some cost nothing, and others would. Pick your fighter(s) wisely—the outcome of your winter matches hang on your decision.

How to warm your hands up for gaming

Your Hands Get Cold While Gaming? These Are the Causes

Cold hands while gaming usually aren’t a concern, it’s just a sign that your body is regulating your temperature and minimizing heat loss from your core. Some people do experience cold hands resulting from medical conditions and poor circulation, but gamers are more likely to get cold hands while gaming due to a lack of movement during prolonged sessions or just the lack of a heating element within their room.

Also, if you’re gaming on a laptop, your left hand may be freezing due to the cooling placement; most if not all gaming laptops have a cooler directly below the WASD buttons. Our editor had a similar situation with his AORUS 17G laptop, where the excellent cooling came with the downside of freezing down his fingers. A simple gaming keyboard solved the issue.

“Keeping your hands warm may help preserve your gaming precision, aim, agility, and flexibility, and ultimately, enhance your gameplay performance.”

How to Warmup Your Hands Before a Gaming Match

We’ve based these solutions on both our own experience as well as anecdotal reports from people on Reddit threads and other online communities. The best part is you haven’t got much to lose if you wish to take these solutions on a test drive!

Here’s are some things you can try immediately:

  • Warm-up through stretches or exercise sets, yoga, squats or just some regular limb stretches between matches or loading screens might help blood circulation and warm you up.
  • Wear thicker clothing, something that covers your legs, back, and chest well. When your body is cold, it naturally redirects heat to your core and vital organs, reducing the amount of blood flow to your hands and feet.
  • Trap your body heat with duvets or blankets. Again, the same principle as above applies, there are also some companies that specialize in “gaming blankets” that have holes for your hands, OneEsports.gg reported on it last year.
  • Wash your hands in warm water and dry them completely afterward. Based on anecdotal reports, this has been effective for many people.
  • Adjust your keyboard angle to optimize ergonomics, which helps maintain optimal blood circulation in your hands and fingers.

Funnily enough, many of our own readers have suggested sitting on your hands or putting them into your pants in between matches or loading screens. If it’s free, environmentally friendly, and widely claimed to work (well?), we say, why not?

From Hand Warmers to Gloves and Mats, These Are Our Favorite P2W Solutions

While your hands are the ones sending SOS signals to your brain, the core of the problem might not lie entirely with them. If your entire body is kept warm, your body is able to direct enough blood flow to your hands and feet to keep them warm as well. Because of this, we’ve recommended products that keep other parts of your body warm and cozy, too!

Sometimes, you may also have to drop some extra cash to make a quality investment that does the trick. Here’s a list of items you can purchase to enrich and enhance your gaming experience, especially in cold weather.

  • Gaming gloves for cold hands. These are finger-less gloves that partially cover your fingers and keep your hands warm without restricting too much movement, ultimately providing the optimal balance of warmth, dexterity, and agility. Most brands come at affordable prices, so you won’t have to fret about breaking the bank for this purchase. A value buy would be the Duerer Compression Fingerless Gloves.
  • Heated Keyboard Mats. Waterproof, heated keyboard mats are another option. Most brands typically allow you to preset your preferred temperature and come with safety features such as an automatic shutdown function that ensures your house remains intact (we’re being dramatic). If you’re interested, the Olidik Warm Desk Mat is a decent option you may consider adding to your gaming arsenal.
  • Hot Packs/Hand Warmers for gamers. Hot packs and hand warmers are simple, no-frill solutions with affordable price tags. Of course, these are only viable for use during breaks, in between matches, or if you’re dead midgame. Hand warmers come in both disposable and rechargeable forms. One hot-selling rechargeable brand is the OCOOPA Hand Warmer, a USB-chargeable product with a lightweight build and sleek design.
  • Heated Mousepads. Heated mousepads are not the most popular option on the market, mainly because they may affect your motion while gaming. Good-quality ones with safety features would also cost quite a bit. Still, they might be a worthwhile purchase for those who prefer slower-paced or lower-intensity games that require less mouse movement.
  • Thermal Socks. Gaming with cold feet can be a pain, and here’s where thermal socks come to the rescue. These help improve blood circulation around your feet and legs, keeping them warm throughout your gaming sessions. The Loritta Thermal Socks are a hot-selling option to consider.
  • Electric Blanket. The electric blanket is a warm blanket on steroids. First and foremost, they work exceptionally well in keeping your body warm and are a match made in heaven when paired with wireless controllers. You may also use them to warm your hands while waiting for a match. Currently, one of the most popular products on Amazon is the Westinghouse Electric Blanket Heated Throw.
  • Adult Onesie. Some of them are even marketed as “gamer onesies” or “ninja onesies”, but there are tons of normal ones that are also “zoom-meeting-proof”. Check out Bauhutte-G for more details.
  • Multi-functional cushion. Ikea partnered up with Asus to create something that we didn’t even know we needed, a cushion for gamers that has pockets. It’s called LÅNESPELARE and it costs $30. Check it out on Ikeas site.
  • Space Heater. Space heaters have amassed some controversy in the gaming community. The fact is, they are decently effective. But don’t be surprised if you find your monthly electricity bills shooting through the roof with them blaring heat into your room on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it’s rather challenging to find a product that checks all the right boxes in terms of efficacy, power-saving efficiency, noise, and safety. Nonetheless, you may check out the Andily Space Heater Electric Heater, a popular buy on Amazon.
Hand Warmers for Gamers

To battle cold hands while gaming, an Imgurian created this concept, check it out here.

Keep Those Cold Fingers Moving!

Finding what works best for you may come with some trial and error. But your fingers (and teammates) will thank you in the long run. After all, keeping your hands warm may help preserve your gaming precision, aim, agility, and flexibility, and ultimately, enhance your gameplay performance.

While we have included some product recommendations in this list, it’s best you perform your own research, too, to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Hopefully, gaming will still be your favorite go-to during frosty nights with these practical solutions!