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More AAA Games Are Being Ported To Apple’s M1 Macs

Written by: Glenn R. Onassis
Baldur's Gate 3 on Apple M1 Mac

Baldur’s Gate 3 and a swatch of other recent and upcoming AAA video games are currently being ported to Apple’s latest Macs. Those would be the ones using the company’s very own M1 CPUs. This development comes straight from Apple’s mouth, as the tech giant today held a special event dedicated to highlighting M1 software. Third-party software, to be exact.

As the idea is to give the general public some assurances in regards to the long-term viability of Apple’s newest hardware. As is the case with any entirely new processor architecture, no amount of processing power can make up for a lack of third-party developer support. As the vast majority of software we use comes from companies specialized in making software, not hardware. Video games being a prime example of that. And even the previous generations of Apple computers which utilize Intel CPUs haven’t exactly been a porting priority for most developers. So, it’s understandable to be skeptical when it comes to the M1’s viability as a gaming platform.

Still, Apple apparently invested some money in order to at the very least bring a core portfolio of modern video games to its newest machines. Besides Baldur’s Gate 3, the company today also confirmed the M1 ports of Subnautica: Below Zero and Beyond a Steel Sky. All three are expected to launch through Steam. Physical releases of these games’ M1 ports remain an unconfirmed possibility.

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